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If a person does not respect all life from conception to natural death I can not trust him with any decision because his or her  logic has been compromised.

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The Right of the State is YOUR Right

Posted by taton on July 18, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Hello everyone! My name is Taton Thompson and I am a recent graduate of a small school in South Georgia, Valdosta State University, also known as....TITLETOWN!! My goal is to make a conservative appeal to everyone on every subject, no matter how controversial, but especially appeal to my age group, so that we may motivate the younger generations to vote SMART and vote CONSERVATIVE. The first topic I want to talk to everyone about is something all can relate to as an American citizen and that is States' Rights.

We all have different opinions on how our country should be run; while some say, we should run it liberally, and others say we should run it conservatively, but I ask you to look deeper. Different states have different issues -- different issues leads to different political ideologies. In other words, liberal states are not all the same level of liberal and conservative states all have different levels of conservatism. Let us not also forget the fact that we also have our swing states...With that said, how can anyone tell you that ONE central government is the best option for FIFTY states. Being from Georgia, I believe I know Georgia better than the people from Illinois, but then again, the people from Illinois know their state better than the people from Alaska, and so on and so on. We must remember, my laws in Georgia are what Georgians want and what makes us feel safe. However, federal laws may make one group feel safe, but others feel very uncomfortable and cause political unrest.

The 10th Amendment reserves power to the state, yet we seem to have these reserved powers taken away everyday with a larger central government. I ask everyone to remember, and even consider the more controversial issues when you bring this to mind; why should one state have another forced on them? I also say to all readers apart of my age generally are being taught liberally, but I challenge you to think for yourself. Our country needs a STRONG central government, not a LARGE central government. The state and its wishes should always supersede what your central government is putting forth and anything otherwise is simply, unconstitutional.

Support your founding fathers! Support yourself, and become a strong, independent, young man or woman. We are the future, however we are letting a failing central government destroy what is to come. Stand up for your community and your state and instill perseverance around you. If you succeed and show others around you how to succeed, success will become contagious. However, taking on an entire nation may be too much of a challenge because like I have said, everyone has different opinions. It is not wrong to have a different opinion as someone else. We are the United States!! We are a melting pot of culture, and with different culture comes different kinds of people. Let us embrace this by standing up for the state we call home. Let us all be a hometown hero who is the next person to save the world by helping our local and state governments!


Massive Density Development approval coming from Rockdale County and Conyers City Officials in June despite protest from local residents at May meeting. 

Guest Editorial

Don Meyers

June 3, 2013

As some of you know the massive 308 acre development @ Parker Road and Flat Shoals is about to give a big stomp down on county tax payers. This is just part of their nearly 800 acres they will develop or sell off to other developers.


The bottom line is that years ago the land was zoned for a mall as the Arabs wanted. When they found out they bought "a real dog of real estate " with granite under it that rivals St. Mountain for 28 years they have tried to reverse their losses onto the backs of JUST the county residents. You see the county will have to provide water and sewer plus all the new schools need to take in at minimum 3000 students. This just the 308 acres but the total to be developed is 800 acres. This project is so big it was titled as a DRI required to be reviewed by the Atlanta Regional Commission. DRI stands for Development of "Regional" Impact. 


The developer is at the City of Conyers to ask now for MORE high density apartments and Zero Lot line Single Family homes known to law enforcement as " Incubators of crime and slum housing." We have no guarantee's once zoning is approved who will build this project out. We get sweet and gentle phrases like " common roots " and "aging in place ". These are focus group catch phrases that lure the suckers in for the sale .


There is  final vote at city hall on June 5 th,  second floor.( Courtroom )  


There are too many reasons to try and enumerate here but first there is not any waste water capacity in any amount for ANY development in that area. Also service lines in that area will cost millions to replace or upgrade alone. The new treatment plant will range from a minimum of $ 5 million to more like $12 million if history is to be used as a guide. Plus we must upgrade the service lines in that area for nearly $ 5 million more.  We do not have these funds period. Does any one remember we are still losing almost 33% of our drinking water due to leaking lines we have no $$ to fix. Really, and who in our county government will step forward and publicly state for the record why this development should not be allowed to be re zoned without the taxpayers having the say what and how many units can be built at all.


Remember we the county residents will be dumped on in such a way we will never achieve any of our community goals for decades to come due to the cost to provide schools\ fire \ police. 


The staggering blow to our county school system must be totally considered as well as additional fire and sherriff department expenses for incarceration of those new residents who just make a small mistake and wind up in jail .


The lack of a joint task force made up of our Superintendent of Schools , water authority members , fire chief , Splost chairman and sheriff to properly plan for such a hugh development has put each county taxpayer in "Harms Way". Even the ARC agrees with my time table this will be built out in 11 years not the 25-30 years the developer wants us to be fooled in accepting. 


The county holds all the cards in this matter and we should not let the city make a change that will benefit the developers and heap the cost forever on the backs of county residents.


The most vocal and articulate at a recent city council meeting were a group of black residents who have been here over two decades and were horrified to know that what they left behind was about to be dumped on them again- Crime ,congestion and confusion in local government.


Meet us @ J P Carr tommorrow night @ 6 pm and tell our Board of Commissioners to please " stand up for us " at least on this matter.


Waiting one more year to properly have city and county officials working on this project together is a win for our community and tells. Big developers we are not here for " Their " taking advantage of us.


Don Meyer

Rockdale County Resident

5-2-2013 Renters in Rockdale County Adding Stress to Community Infrastructure
by Don Meyers Rockdale County Resident

For those who are our elected officials that never pay attention to the absolute consequences of building communities where the greater majority of residents are Renters here is a concrete rule of thumb.  The more renters you draw to  your town the more services they will demand and you must provide by Law !


Now we have the City of Conyers with a crack team at the helm yet they have managed to finally learn the above lesson- with a plus 67% renter population to deal with they now see what I have been telling them for years. Stop building apartments !


All you do is get the cost to service these renters and other communities get them as their workforce at our expense.


I cannot see why the Homeowners in the city have not reached the riot stage with this mismanagement.


We all really know that the city fathers will all retire somewhere else and leave us with this mess. Each will have a great excuse why they just had to move to the mountains or the coast but how about for once you tell them NO SALE.

Try and ask if they already have that getaway place and see the look on their face.


But wait, the huge almost 400 acre tract at Parker Road and Flat Shoals will soon become what? Right High High density apartments. In fact the city fathers are going to allow the highest possible density and it will push the renter ratio off the charts for the City of Conyers.


Now you residents in the county don't get smug and say poor poor city homeowners because the county catches the slop over, just ask our former competent sherriff and he could give you the blunt truth.


Here is the bottom line I told the County Commissioners in 09' the  local and national economies would falter and not rebound til 13' and beyond. Doubt me then go to the archives on channel 23.


Here is my next prediction, these false starts in housing sales and stock market are another house of cards that worthless paper money is supporting will topple with consequences many could not even imagine.

The US dollar is quickly being replaced as the reserve currency of the world. Already China has aligned many top nations in the world to settle their debts in their own currencies. Too much to understand, then you better google this fact and get ready for the financial ride of your life.

It is time for the sleepy citizens in this community to wake up and find your eggs and  laying hens have been stolen out from under you while you slept.


What to do? Write and call your elected officials and say H_ _ _ no to more apartments.


But just as predictable as the city runs short of money to met their budget you will read this and no make a move to save yourself. And that my fellow reader is why the folks building their own life boats are not often seen anymore around this small frog pond anymore.


Don Meyer

Conyers , Ga


Guarantee of Discomfort - The Constitution and Freedom of Speech

Frank L Buczek Jr, PhD  Morgantown, WV


There is nothing in the First Amendment of the Constitution that guarantees you will hear only words that make you comfortable.


There is everything in the First Amendment of the Constitution that guarantees you will, at times, hear words that make you uncomfortable.


In His command to Christians to tell the world about the Truth that is in Him alone, Jesus left no ambiguity.  This is why we minister to those around us, by exercising our Faith through free speech (both guaranteed by the First Amendment), sometimes gently, sometimes adamantly.


If this makes you uncomfortable, then ask yourself why.  Please stop trying to silence others who bring you this Good News.  Either try to see the Truth that is in Christianity, or find a way to personally deal with words you do not like.  Christians do the latter quite often in today’s world, but we do not bring lawsuits against you because your beliefs differ from ours.  We simply pray that seeds we’ve planted in your hardened heart will begin to grow, so you will know true Love and Peace as only the Father can grant through His Son and Holy Spirit.


Frank L Buczek Jr, PhD

Morgantown, WV

Citizen proposes Rockdale County, GA increase Board of Commissioners to Five Members

Rockdale County Citizen Steve Macke Guest Editorial Points out need for more eyes and voices on County Bids.


Dear Editor

As I settle into the New Year and reflect on not only the national political issues but some of the local issues as well.  There has become a tendency for our Rockdale County Commissioners to favor pre-determined outcomes and sole source contracts which I feel is contrary to the communities best interests.  There are three or four that stand out over the dozens of tenders that have been pre-determined or sole sourced by our county commissioners. 

The water departments sole source to Neptune without a Request for Proposals and without consulting the Sewer and Water Commission and that Richard Oden approved this business transaction and  by passing the Water and Sewer Commission for $300,000.00 purchase of smart meters (see ECT News Videos) on these Water and Sewer meetings where this was heatedly debated by the county commissioners.  The department just went out and purchased $300 thousand dollars of wireless meters and is operating them without a FCC license.  The fine for a FCC violation if caught is $9,000 a day. This event was written about in the papers and ECTNEWS and yet no real action was taken.

The Copier Machine Contract was given to an outside company despite their being ranked second and not low bidder.  The low bidder was a local company and they were the highest rated.  This predetermined winner is a thinly veiled sole source contract of printing to a company outside of Rockdale that was let personally by the chairman.  Yet another slate of business taken from a Rockdale county business and given to a Atlanta based business for the insurance that the county purchases for our employees, thank you Mr.Oden.  More people unemployed in Rockdale county is not what we need to bring in revenue for our county.

The one that really makes me question wear the heart and soul of our commissioners are is the 911 public safety radio communications system.  Over $5,000,000 million dollars sole sourced to Motorola for a supposed upgrade to the old analog radio network that has been in place.  In September of 2011 a RFP (request for proposal) was let and immediately it was outed as a poor excuse for a RFP but a thinly veiled sole source contract to  Motorola.  The county then rescinded the RFP stating that there had been a breach of protocol in responding to a question from a vendor. That event was in early October.

In the mean time the Rockdale County Civic Association had invited and received RSVP's from 7 seven subject matter experts to sit on a panel to discuss the right way to acquire public safety communications technologies.  ( this event was November 11, 2012 and the experts came from as far away as Texas, Florida, Virginia and Kentucky at their own expense.  This panel was taped by Video News and was also live on the internet through .  Not one commissioner showed up and the Fire Chief and the Sheriff at the time came in and stood in the back of the room and never interacted with anyone of the experts.

The contract was eventually sole sourced to Motorola under the guise of using the state contract to streamline the purchasing process.   link to Rockdale Citizen newspaper.  Problem with that is that the items being purchased were never officially confirmed to be on the state contract and the pricing could not be verified because the contract was written in such away as you could not put your finger on any one line item to figure out how much it costs. 

During the SPLOSTS committees close door sessions, they never interviewed the competition and never asked to visit other systems in order to get a real world look at what a system entailed.   The counties FCC license had expired and came within 30 days of losing the licenses if it were not for me pointing it out to them during a commissioners meeting.  Which begs the question, do these people have any idea of what they are doing?  The FCC license is the document that allows the county to use the radio system.

The general details of the agreement were posed to the commissioners when they voted to sole source the contract to Motorola (  which points out that the new digital P25 Phase 2 system would be installed and working by the end of 2012.  There would be two additional towers in order to provide better radio coverage.  Mr. Oden then signs the contract with Motorola and agrees to the terms which is 90% down payment ($4.5 million) upon signing the contract.  I personally have never heard of a fair and balanced contract that required the purchasing entity to cough up 90% without any guarantees. 

What is even more disturbing is the status of the project to date.  The two new sites have not been added to this date to the radio system.  Which would mean, we only have half a system at best.  The modification to the FCC license which is in the hands of the FCC coordinators does not reflect that the equipment they are deploying is in fact the new P25 Phase 2 equipment (a contractual point) that was promised during the commissioners meeting who had been instructed by the SPLOST committee that the P25 Phase 2 was the critical technology that Rockdale had to have to serve the taxpayers of the county.

So that said, only one of two things have transpired.  Either the contract has been changed to purchase non P25 Phase 2 equipment and reduce the amount of towers in half.  Or the FCC license modification has false information on it.  Which begs the questions; why have they not added two new tower sites; and why are they not deploying the technology that the SPLOST sub-committee instructed them to purchase?  Either way Rockdale taxpayers have been sold a bill of goods that will not serve the county but could potentially cost millions more to fix or worst case someone may die because the radio system does not provide adequate communications throughout our community.

Upon reflecting on this very important project I find myself sitting here in shear wonderment trying for the life of me to figure out how in the world this county became so dysfunctional?  So in attempt to be part of the solution and not just a complaining taxpayer.  I suggest in order to avoid anymore pre-determined and sole source contracts that we have five county commissioners 3 posts and 2 at large in order to assure that 2 commissioners cannot run ruff shod over the county guidelines and procure goods and services in a truly open and transparent system using the proven best practice of an open RFP.   Assuring that there is stewardship in the ranks of our elected and employed staff.

Respectfully Submitted

Steve Macke

Rockdale County Resident


by Jonny Brown

Jonny Brown is a resident of Rockdale County, GA

Submitted on November 19, 2012

Editors Note.  This Guest Editorial created a firestorm in and outside of Rockdale County. This is the link to All Stories from local press and video link of Board of Elections Meeting from 1-17-2013


The little white plane, which became known as The Spirit of Rockdale, wasn’t always a plane.  The Spirit of Rockdale was officially created in 1871 but it actually started earlier than that. It started on farms around the tiny town of Conyers, Georgia, that had sprung up alongside a railroad track about 25 miles east of Atlanta.  At the end of the great depression, farmers, business men, politicians and citizens realized that the Spirit of Rockdale needed to be more than just some rarely maintained dirt roads and a railroad running east to west. They decided that it should be like larger communities, not in size, but that the Spirit of Rockdale should focus on having a diverse economy rather than mainly farming plus better education for our children, so they could get jobs in our new work-place. So it was decided, not by any one person but many different people throughout the county that the Spirit of Rockdale should be a plane, a small plane.    


The citizens of Rockdale County and Conyers started building the little plane.  The work was slow at first, especially after just coming out of the great depression. The farmers worked on the plane in their fields.  The merchants worked on the plane in their stores.  Politicians worked on our plane at the capitol; the attorneys and judges worked on the plane at the court house.  The preachers spoke with great passion of our plane to their congregations, and as the manufacturers came in to the county, they worked on our plane. Some people just stood in awe of our plane.  Finally, the day came when our plane was built and was ready to be painted. We never had a choice in the color that our little plane was going to be painted. We had a huge amount of white paint left over from the revolutionary war. It was white, strong, durable and protected well. It wasn’t as bright and shiny as some colors but it was all that we had and we made use of it.  We had a relatively small amount of black paint which was left over from the civil war. It was needed for the lettering on the plane and we were thankful to have it.

Once our plane was built it started carrying cotton and corn from our farms.  It carried commerce and manufacturing.  It carried education from our schools and it carried justice from our courthouse , but most of all, it carried our hopes and dreams for the future. Our little white plane, which is now referred to by everyone as The Spirit of Rockdale, did an awesome job. It wasn’t as fast as New York, and nowhere near as big as Atlanta, but it was always on time and under budget.  The Spirit of Rockdale did a good job well into the 21st century.

After the Spirit of Rockdale got to doing its job, we named our crew members as had the other planes around the country had done. The pilots were called commissioners, security was the sheriff, the ticket taker was the tax commissioner, the secretary was clerk of the court, complaint personnel was magistrate judge and maintenance was probate judge.

It was mandated that every two years all the planes throughout the country would go through a stress test.  The tests were of two different types, a half load test and a full load test.  These tests alternated every two years.  The Spirit of Rockdale had always performed well in these tests over the years with minor personnel changes.  A lot of the planes around the country were not performing as well as The Spirit of Rockdale, as a matter of fact, a lot of them were dysfunctional. We kept an eye on them to figure out why the other planes were going down hill and we noticed that the problem usually started with the paint job on the planes. It wasn’t the original white paint that was causing the problem.

The other planes were having their white paint slowly removed, a little at the time, and being replaced with shiny black paint.  The shiny black paint seemed to be the new trend but once it covered the majority of the plane, the plane became slow and sluggish. They were rarely on time and were never under budget, the black paint didn’t do a good job of protecting the plane. It was like it almost encouraged rust. The Spirit of Rockdale was determined to keep its white color or at least wait for a better quality of black paint to come along.

Then on November 4th, 2008 the unthinkable happened. The Spirit of Rockdale was taking off for its scheduled full load test, which it had performed many times before, with all personnel on board when it ran off the end of the runway.  Commissioner Middelbrooks was killed instantly and Commissioner Hill was critically injured and was in intensive care for over two years. Mr. Hill finally survived with encouragement from friends and family and became mentally and physically stronger than ever. The rest of the crew escaped unscathed.

It was at this time my wife, Lynn Brown, came to me and said that if the Spirit of Rockdale was going to continue flying, it was going to have to be redesigned from the ground up. She said the Republican Engineering Corporation, which she and I worked for, was the only engineering firm that could handle the job.  Lynn was a board member and told me she needed my help.  She had me appointed to the board and Lynn went to work doing what she does best; organizing people and getting people to work long hours without  pay. I went to work doing what I do best, which is what Lynn tells me to do. After the crash, once the cabin was repaired it was painted with a coat of shiny black paint.  It wasn’t the new improved black paint, it was the same crap that all the other planes were using.  After losing our two pilots “commissioners”, in a hurried move Oden and Oz were elected. Once elected Oden and Oz soon realized that they couldn’t fly the plane so they bought an automated pilot system and had it installed.

In the mean time Lynn went to work redesigning the plane. She enlisted every person she could find. They worked night and day for the next two years, getting ready for the half load test. The Spirit of Rockdale was not ready for a full load test but she had come a long way in the two years since the crash. The day finally came and the Spirit of Rockdale was up and flying again. It passed the half load test with flying colors. Now Lynn went to work harder than ever. With the help of Republican Engineering, people came out in droves to help.  Some donated their time, some donated money, lots of money, it poured in from every direction. People called and emailed everyone they knew to ask them to help or donate money.  Lynn and Republican Engineering worked countless hours. They left no stone unturned. They knocked on every door around asking people to help. The crew worked 24 hours a day,  they went to every function around asking for support. As the day

grew closer for the full load test,  people were more enthusiastic about the Spirit of Rockdale than ever.  It had been four long years since the last full load test that ended in disaster. The crew, Lynn, Republican Engineering and the volunteers were all mentally and physically ready. Finally the day had come for the full load test.  On November 6, 2012 the Spirit of Rockdale taxied down the runway at 7:00am. It was cold and rainy that morning but the Spirit of Rockdale didn’t have any problem getting off the ground. It was carrying the biggest and most important load that it had ever carried.  Its flight would last over fourteen hours. The Spirit of Rockdale flew higher and faster than it had ever flown.  It circled all of its check points all day and on time.  It was at the end of the fourteenth hour as it was headed back to the runway when the unthinkable happened.  It was almost like a bad dream, the only problem was that it was no dream.  The Spirit of Rockdale had been high jacked.  It had been high jacked by left wing liberals supported by Oden and Oz. They had apparently hidden in the plane the night before, under the cover of darkness. 

The crew fought with all the strength that they could muster but it was to no avail.  The Spirit of Rockdale that had survived for over 160 years had crashed.  Hill, Harrison, Ray, Bowie, Brown, Horn and Coggins perished instantly.  The only survivor was Wigington and He was in critical condition. The doctor said if Wigington could make it to 11:00pm Friday night,  he would have 95 percent chance of survival but even with all the hope and prayers that was in everyone’s hearts, it was not to be. Wigington joined his other crew members at 10:30 pm Friday night. The little white plane, Known as the Spirit of Rockdale was to be no more.

Oh there will be another plane. A shiny black one but if its not painted with a higher quality of paint than Oden, Oz and Wilson are painted with, instead of carrying commerce, manufacturing, education and a future for our children and grandchildren, the only thing it will carry will be crime, incompetence, cronyism and corruption.      

The END---

  Is Grant a really good use of Taxpayer Dollars
by Don Meyer. Don is a Resident of Rockdale County, GA

As I daily read the paper in many different locales through out Georgia I find a sad tale here in Conyers.

 It begins with our own Conyers police department receiving from the Governors Office of Hwy Safety  $50,000 to train those who sell or serve alcohol. Please note that is your Tax Dollars - to subsidize the liquor industry, one of the most lucrative industries in the history of mankind next to gold mining.

 So why do our tax dollars go the way of the extinct Passenger pegion  never to be seen again, well look no further than the slick lobbyists for the Georgia liquor industry and local politicians willing to spend hard earned $$$  on willy nilly projects.


We will spend over $250 per person on this worthless project, that is if they can round up 200 people to sit thru their program. We all know that servers are constantly changing jobs and how many will still be here or in establishments involved with alcohol.

 Why not require the liquor industry do this with their massive return on sales. Even those who generate our electrical power ,necessary for modern life to even exist,   have to pay for upgrades to cleaner air.

 All this spending of our tax dollars is done under the guise of public saftey. What a load of fresh barnyard waste. If public saftey was really the cause this would be at the bottom of the list. All we are doing is throwing tax dollars at a serious and potentially often deadly problem with no concern how effective the dollars could be better employed.

If this is the best our local CPD can do with it I recommend we all buy Volvos and wear football helmets and better protect ourselves. 

My recommendation to our local lawmakers is grow some spine and go get these $$$ spent from the liquor industry, not us poor saps sitting in a kiddie pool waiting to get dunked again. 


By: C.J. Lester a Rockdale County Resident

       America is slowly turning into a country of give me, give me, and give me. The Founding fathers of our country would have never have dream that this would be a nation where people would just want something for free. The founding fathers believed in work and the Bible it self says those who do not work do not eat. I really like how the message Bible puts it, even though I really don?t like the message Bible it says what it means here is what it says:

2 Thessalonians 3

10-13?Don't you remember the rule we had when we lived with you? "If you don't work, you don't eat." And now we're getting reports that a bunch of lazy good-for-nothings are taking advantage of you. This must not be tolerated. We command them to get to work immediately?no excuses, no arguments?and earn their own keep. Friends, don't slack off in doing your duty.?

Wow that plainly puts it in to words doesn?t it. I think we need to send that message to Obama, And no Mr. President we are not a nation that believes in fairness we are a nation that believes in what you work for you should keep and not give to Government to spend on people who do nothing at all! America it is time for us to stand up for America and not let the greatest nation on the planet is destroyed by people who do nothing.

Yes I believe that Obama is the food stamp president why because under President Bush we only had 23.5 mil people on food stamps while under Obama we have 39.5 mil. We need to go back to the old way of living where we work, not sit on our buts and wait for a Government check to come in and save us. To the people that are on food stamps don?t get mad when your food stamps are late and get angry. You need to work and provide for your family and not rely on the tax payers of America to pay for the 10 children that you had.

As Christians we encourage each one of us to help someone who needs our help as individuals, and it is not the job of the Government to do it. We help the poor and decide who we give our money to. We don't need Government to create dependence

Those who are truly handicapped or aged or orphans can be taken care of by the community they live in, not the Government.

 In Christ,

C.J. Lester 

Ruth Wilson, Rockdale Clerk of Courts dishonors the entire Clerk of Courts Office!  She also brings dishonor to the Christian Church. Can the Democrats of Rockdale County find honest people to run for office?  Just one?  Is there one?

by Don Meyer a Rockdale County Resident

March 28, 2012

Just when you finish saying " they cannot do something that foul again" here comes our Clerk of Courts Ruth Wilson.

I'm speaking of the recent revelation that she has been pocketing the passport fees her employees process on our county property and pocketed ALL of the $ 44,000 last year alone on top of her $ 90,000 annual salary.

Thru a loop hole in the law she has slipped quietly along until her upcoming opponent for her office put in an Open Records Request February 18th and found the payments to Ms Wilson.   

The  Atlanta Journal on February 22nd put out a full article on this "theft clause " that allowed her to take the money.

Now a few will remember Ms Wilson told a large gathering at the Libertarian meeting just last year that hugh volumes of critical records were subject to total loss under HER custody and control due to a lack of funds to properly store them. There was large volumes of voter records that were irreplaceable and she was beside herself how to get all those records and volumes more secured before an accident occurred and all would be lost. Then not long after she goes to the bank and cashes  yet another check desperately needed to run her office properly.

If this is not malfeasance of office then some time back the law was changed. Records needed for the proper operation of her office and our community were time and again placed below her personal wants and vanity. Every time she cashed those many checks she personally choose to let her duty to her office be second place to her sworn oath as the custodian to the most important records our community holds.   

She stated she had to have more $$$ from the Board of Commissioners yet here she is taking money desperately needed to store your taxpayer records while she shops at Lennox and dresses well on YOUR money.

Now the final insults come from two sources. The fist is the clerk herself when caught offers to GIVE back just half of the money to the county and keep the rest. 

Then to fully embarrass the county here enters our Commissioner from Post 1 Oz Nesbitt , no stranger to a Grand Jury  himself, to praise Ms Wilson for bring the issue forward. What idiot here would really believe she came forward until she was dragged into the light by a vigilant citizen. 

Being a Democrat denotes she howls for fairness in every corner of our nation yet here she pushes her staff to do all the work yet she pocketed all the money year after year. Yet she goes out and tells all she needs more of Your tax dollars for raises for her staff to process more passports to get herself more personal money. 

Wow you just gotta love it when the fox gets in the hen-house in Rockdale. Stay tuned I think I see  Commissioner Nesbitt headed over to the Clerks office now.

Don Meyer

Rockdale County

Charter Schools Legislation in GA flawed! Gives too much power to State.

The recent editorial by local school board member Brad Smith on charter schools was factually correct and well written.

Further he offered his views on the possible consequences if HR1162 is passed.  Basically he states that local school boards in Georgia would lose control in establishing charter schools and revenues would be diverted in a manner he deems dangerous.

Well let one observing taxpayer give you his take on this for just a moment of your time.

Our local school board  walks and clucks in unison whenever the superintendent wants them to and that is often and Always.

Secondly, please take a long step back from the forest and look for a few moments. See the lovely upper canopy  and now look at the heap of forest litter on the ground. Well that is where we are in Georgia  'Below ' the forest liter in national rankings.

So we see as a whole charter schools are getting the job done very well and local school boards just keep clucking in line with the usual failures and loss of control of students.

Now comes along some ray of hope with charter schools and all that can be said from the old guard is let us keep the old ways and keep sinking with more tax dollars spent on a losing proposition. No. I for one will risk it all NOW to get the old losing administrations of Georgia out of power and try something that is actually working.

The school board administrators are certain, as I am, that their big salaries are in jeopardy if charter schools take the lead in actually putting discipline and real education back into the classroom. Do not even mention home schooling or private religious options that are unquestionably the very best top performers even in the worst ghettos our nation has to offer. They  require at a minimum student discipline at its foundation of teacher student relationship for without that the results would be what we have now .  

The school boards and administrative staffs ,with big dollars provided by teachers unions ,will fight to keep control of the helm. Well they are on the deck of another Titanic and just as the first one could not avoid the iceberg neither can they. The problems in public education run so deep and wide below the surface that just trying to steer now is too late.

The best course of action is man the life boats i.e. Charter schools.

We do have devoted public servants serving on our Georgia school boards but they have lost the game. Sorry for them and all past and present parents who tried with them but as you look at the scoreboard Georgia has lost every year in national rankings as far back as I can remember.

Now is the time to be Bold. Embrace the new productive way to spend tax dollars and look to a better educated workforce to lure national and international companies to Georgia. Sending the governor of our state around the world ,at great expense, to lure them here is plain risky. Just educate our children and they will come. It is that simple. The overall lives of students will be enhanced from graduation day to retirement. Crime will drop and our communities will shine. Just take a quick look at those states that are in the upper rankings and there is your proof.

There are five openings for your local school board this year so consider wisely who stays and who goes home. 


Don Meyer

Rockdale County, GA Resident

Rockdale Resident Calls out State Rep Dar'shun Kendrick on proposed irresponsible legislation.


For the growing segment of our population who want to spend today and let the rest of us pay off the balance of your debts you now have a new 'Standard Bearer' in Rep. Dar'shun Kendrick.

This Georgia state representative has sponsored a bill to prevent mortgage lenders from seeking a deficiency judgment against a borrower for whatever reason to be protected from paying any $$$ due after a foreclosure sale.

WOW. What next no deficiency judgments on car, boats, vacation expenses, gifts you really could not afford? 

The Question is who then will pay for those lost $$$ to the lender they Promised they would pay ALL the money back plus interest?

Our society and the culture we have as Americans is being corrupted by legislators who think and believe that the Money Fairy is alive and well  in Georgia and in the night the lost $$$ will magically reappear in the bank vaults around Georgia.

Actually the sad truth about these legislators is that they are playing to their special crowd and want the ones who save really hard for the true raining days to take their money and pay for their constituents lack of self control on personal spending and saving.

It is why so many residents have stated for so long that we have not had true representation for Rockdale residents .

This new crop of " follow the leader " Georgia legislators is exactly what lead to the mortgage crisis nationally. Requiring lenders to lend to those who should never get a mortgage until they have proven, as all who proceeded before them, they passed ALL the requirements for just applying for a home loan. 

Then there was the strict underwriting requirements and down payment minimums that protected not the banks but You !

You see the relaxed mortgage lending requirements forced on lenders has caused Your home to fall massively in value and prevents many families from moving to better jobs and schools.

The promotion you never got because your employer was also hurt in this predictable financial crisis. And the increased income you would have earned could have actually paid for your own child's college education and not the government ,i.e. taxpayers , So when you see these state legislators just smile because you and I know they are all wolves in sheep's clothing. Beware  they are coming to a hometown near you.

Don Meyer

Guest Editorial by former Senator John Douglas from Iowa

Greetings from Urbandale, Iowa. As I write this, it is 19 degrees with a 5-degree wind chill. A number of us from Georgia are here working on presidential campaigns leading up to the Iowa caucuses (elections) scheduled for the evening of Jan. 3. We all felt like this election is important enough for us to fly or drive the 1,000 miles to this spot in order to be a part of history and to have an impact on what happens in our country.

Urbandale, a bedroom community of office parks and neat, single-family homes, is a western suburb of Des Moines. There is no snow this year so we can see lawns that have been taken care of while snow plows and clearing equipment sit unused. Shopping centers and business parking lots all have their own snow removal equipment in order to stay open in even the most severe storms. There is no such thing here as a "snow jam" as we are famous for around Atlanta. Locals do not head home via the grocery store when the first flake falls or is predicted.

The presidential caucuses here are very different from what we are familiar with in Georgia. The election is much closer in style to a Georgia governor's race in intensity, with continual television and radio ads, workers making live and recorded phone calls and candidate bus tours around the state. Because Iowa is a small state in population, just over 3 million or about two-thirds the size of metro Atlanta, it is possible to saturate the population with your political message, assuming the money is available to reach that goal. Several of the candidates have done just that during this cycle.

There are few similarities between Georgia elections and the actual voting in Iowa. We are all familiar with heading off to our polling place or the courthouse to vote. Instead of that system, the caucuses are public, evening gatherings where people group themselves by candidate and actually raise their hands or count heads to gather votes. There is no requirement that the participants attending be registered with that political party, just show up, sign in and participate.

The Iowa vote has an uneven history of supporting the eventual nominee of the Republican Party. In 2008, Gov. Mike Huckabee won here but fell short of the eventual nomination. I am told that the state caucuses have voted with the GOP nominee only three times since 1976.

Most of the campaign offices have also been visited by the "Occupy Des Moines" individuals. We were visited on Saturday afternoon by three busloads of the so-called Occupiers who parked across the street and yelled at us for a short while before approaching the police who also were here blocking us from them. The police were very outnumbered and gave ground until the demonstrators got to our building and made a short effort to pound on the windows before moving back to their buses in search of their next target. Of course there was much media here; it is clear the occupiers coordinate with the press to get maximum coverage.

The caucuses were held the evening of Jan. 3. Shortly after the results were in, I expected to be in my car heading for home after having arrived here Dec. 27. Was it worth the time and expense? Absolutely. Being involved in trying to help shape the future of our country is always worth the effort. For those who feel alienated from the political process, I believe you can have an impact if you try. It is much tougher than sitting on a couch complaining but far more rewarding.

The Georgia Presidential Primary is March 6. I hope we will have a great turnout in our counties and that our state will be influential in deciding the nominees of both parties. The only way that will happen is if average citizens get involved. I recommend it greatly.

John Douglas served in the Georgia House and Senate from 2002-2010. He and his family live in Newton County. He can be reached at

New Years Resolution - Read the Bible every day


Reading the Bible as a New Year?s resolution.

Written by: C.J. Lester

As a New Year?s resolution for myself I am taking on the challenge of reading the Bible more. I love the word of God it is inspiring to me that each time we read the Bible we get something different out of it each time, even if we have read that verse a thousand times you get something different every time.

I have found a new life verse for this year, and it comes from Luke chapter 9, verses 23 through 27, it reads,  23 Then he said to them all: ?Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me. 24 For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will save it. 25 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit their very self? 26 Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.  27 ?Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.?

This is the year for your loved ones to be saved, the scriptures also say in 2 Corinthians 6:2:  for he says, "In the time of my favor I heard you, and in the day of salvation I helped you." I tell you, now is the time of God's favor, now is the day of salvation. This is a wonderful verse to encourage those who have loved ones who were saved and passed on.

So be encouraged in God?s Word find a verse that speaks to you in a certain way, remember it,  keep it in your heart, and when hard times come this year, say it and will help you stay strong in the Lord.

My contact information is and you can also text me at 678-670-1113.

President of SRCA adresses 911 Emergency Service RFP

As some of our local citizens are aware, the recent RFP (Request For Proposal) on replacing our old analog 911 system here in Rockdale county was canceled before the bids were submitted by the vendors.

This specific RFP would have replaced our analog system with a new digital infrastructure. Basically the federal government is driving this change; nonetheless we must pay for it locally.

The good news is now that the old RFP is dead and gone we have a chance to really take a longer and clearer look at what is available to us and very possibly a better buy for our tax dollars.

The South Rockdale Civic Association will host the first ever national community originated forum on how to acquire P25 communications infrastructure on Nov. 15 at 6:30 p.m. The location is the Union United Methodist Church at 4600 Ga. Highway 138 South.

This exciting forum will have a panel consisting of the top national vendors who actually complete these massive and expensive projects that run into the millions. Ours alone was targeted at $4.5 million. However, early reviews of our proposed 911 coverage, based on our original RFP and our three federal licenses, provided maps that indicate the costs may rise to fully develop the needed coverage for our first responders.

The SRCA forum will not be about Rockdale County. Instead we will take this opportunity to develop a plan for all communities in America how to begin and end the process to develop a proper RFP.

Our panel will have leading experts to explain to all who attend, in plain English, where to start this process and how to successfully acquire this extremely expensive infrastructure. Remember there are no 'do-overs.' If you make a mistake and end up with less infrastructure or quality all you can do is, as governments generally do, throw more tax money at the problem and promise taxpayers next time we will do better.

We will have this powerful forum taped and archived on the Internet and trade-based forums where any and all can access for free and put the power of this knowledge in the hands of all public officials who are facing this future complicated project.

The SRCA will make this live opportunity open to all local elected community officials and especially for our sheriff, fire Chief and EMS and SPLOST Committee members. Remember it will be our SPLOST dollars that are targeted to fund our 911 replacement program. We hope they attend, along with invited officials from other Georgia counties.

Officials from the state of Georgia and Georgia Tech will be in our audience to lend a hand if needed. This will be a golden moment for our officials to meet and speak directly to the panelists who are the most powerful people in America on this subject.

This will be a remarkable day for our community and we invite you to come to watch, learn and ask your questions in person.

Any questions please contact us at

See you on Nov. 15.

-- Don Meyer


South Rockdale Civic Association

Rockdale Taxpayer and School Board Watchdog Asks Why is the Board of Education trying to put Local Small Businesses Under?

Written by: James Roppo


On August 3rd I read where the RCPS administration has decided to re-program $62,690 to fund the Pre-K program for the full 180 days this school year.  The state of Georgia had decided that due to shortfalls in the state budget that they could only fund 160 days of instruction this year.

 My question for Dr. King is why is RCPS in pre-kindergarten education at all?  Do we not have plenty of pre-k private small businesses operating in Rockdale County?  Why is RCPS in direct competition with them and at an unfair disadvantage to the private businesses because the RCPS program is totally free to the parents?  In my view, government entities should generally  not be in competition with local businesses.  Now Dr. king has decided to not only take state funds for the Pre-K program (which largely come from the taxpayers), but also to take local dollars directly from Rockdale County taxpayers to the tune of $62,690 to provide 20 more days of instruction.  It is also unclear in the article which areas were reduced in the budget to fully fund this program.

Why aren't the parents being asked to pay for the additional 20 days of instruction?  They would still receive 160 days of free instruction and only have to pay for 20 days or one-ninth of the costs?  Why is it more appropriate to take the taxpayers money, without any public hearing, and pay for this, especially when the School Board is again in the process of raising the property owners' millage rate?

In my view, RCPS and the School Board are totally out of touch with the tough economic times many Rockdale citizens are experiencing and have no interest in hearing from constituents, at least not the taxpaying constituents.

 It is time to get involved and send a clear message to Dr. king and the members of the school board.  If they don't get the message, vote out the school board members in 2012.

Jim (James J. Roppo)

Rockdale County Resident